Martin Taituma

Martin has a Bull Terrier called Lex (Lexy). He’s been with Mighty Mix since 2013 and found out about it through a friend. He enjoys his weekend deliveries where he gets to have a chat to the local farmers who are home and checking on their stock. It gives him some time to check in on his customers.

Martin doesn’t have any favourite dogs on his circuit, but he has noticed changes in a lot of the dogs on his deliveries. They seem noticeably healthier and more energetic which he’s really happy to see. He likes being a part of making that possible.

Product Pricing

Product Size Price
Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate 10kg $54.00
25kg $94.00
Mighty Mix Large Dog Biscuits 10kg $54.00
20kg $94.00
Mighty Mix Family Dog Biscuits 10kg $54.00
20kg $94.00
Mighty Mix Nourish Dog Biscuits 10kg $57.00
20kg $97.00
Mighty Mix Dog Roll (per roll 3kg) $10.50
(one pack) 6x3kg $60.00
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