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Mighty Mix is proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Created from kiwi grit and ingenuity. Mighty Mix was developed when hardworking high-country working dogs encountered the worst winter in decades and lacked the energy levels needed to get the job done. From there, word of mouth for the natural, high-quality product free of fillers grew the Mighty Mix brand to where it is today. 

Healthy Food for Healthy Dogs 

Mighty Mix uses natural ingredients which helps nourish the dog's immune system from the inside out. Mighty Mix Dog Food products are designed to enhance the overall health and well-being of your dog in the best possible way - the natural way. We combine only the best ingredients which provide an easier to digest source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, essential for sustaining energy and for promoting a long and healthy life for your dog. With additional micro-nutrients to maximise nutrient absorption and utilisation, your dog will enjoy an increase in energy, vitality, a shiny coat, bright eyes, strong teeth and bones, and a stronger immune system.

Natural Dog Food Free from Fillers 

We believe in keeping things simple. All our products contain no fillers, the highly concentrated formula means you can feed less volume than other brands but achieve optimum results. That’s because we believe that optimum health should be available for all dogs, without a hefty price tag. These highly concentrated formulas mean you can feed less volume than other dog food brands but achieve excellent results. Meaning great value for you and your dog! 

Why Choose Mighty Mix? 

NZ Owned & Delivered to your Door 

Mighty Mix continues to be a family owned and operated New Zealand business.  When you buy Mighty Mix, your product is delivered to your door by a local franchisee – no matter where you are in New Zealand.  

Premium Nutrition with No Nasties 

We don’t do fillers, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. You’re buying 100% nutritious, natural food for your pet. Our products are specially formulated using carefully selected, top quality natural ingredients. Mighty Mix biscuits and dog roll are formulated to meet AAFCO nutritional standards and provide a complete and balanced diet for all life stages of dogs. 

Cost Effective Dog Food 

Optimum nutrition doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Might Mix is economical when assessed on a cost per feed basis. If you combine Mighty Mix dog biscuits with the Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate, you can create a highly nutritious diet for your dog that has a very low cost per feed. 

Keeping Dogs Fit & Healthy at Any Stage of Life

That’s why we’ve created a product that will see your dog enjoying an increase in energy and vitality. Your dog will enjoy a shiny coat, superior joint mobility and a stronger immune system, whether you’ve got an active puppy or a golden oldie.  

How Mighty Mix began 

Mighty Mix was developed when hardworking high-country working dogs encountered the worst winter in decades and lacked the energy levels needed to get the job done. From there, word of mouth for the natural, high-quality product free of fillers grew the Mighty Mix brand to where it is today. 

It began in the big snow of 1992. After a bad autumn drought, the South Island was hit with two major snowstorms in late winter. Deep snow covered the South Island high country where Colin and Christine Drummond were working as shepherds with their team of dogs. The snow was so deep that it had trapped and buried many sheep alive. Shepherds were helicoptered in by the air force to remote stations where they and their dogs helped the sheep to the safety of the lower country. The work was very physical, with long days testing everybody. It wasn’t long before Christine became concerned for the health of her working dogs, who were not keeping up on their traditional diet of mutton and dry biscuits. 

Christine set out to make a product from natural foods that would sustain her working dogs and give them the energy required to keep pace with their demanding workload.  Using raw meats and fats and natural dried ingredients she developed the mix as a free flow product which could be stored in the freezer and scooped out by the cupful as required.  Within six days of feeding it to her dogs they took on a new lease of life, they had more energy and their coats were shiny. 

Out of concern for other farmers affected by the big snow, Christine offered them the mix for their own dogs. Her compassion for the dogs and determination to share her new dog food was incredible. She appeared on National television and other farmers from the South Island rang her to ask for supplies of her Mighty Mix, it was through these approaches that the product got it name.

Demand for Mighty Mix soon outgrew the family kitchen. Farmers who saw the results of a high energy nutritious food on their working dogs soon began to distribute it, this is how the franchised system and delivery service began. Very soon, Frozen Concentrate manufacture moved to a factory in Blenheim. After several years of hard work running the factory and mustering, in 1998, the family was able to fulfil the dream of owning a high-country property and moved to Erewhon Station. 

Soon a dog biscuit, to complement the Frozen Concentrate as a complete diet for dogs was created. This was followed by a dog roll that also contained no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or fillers. Just 100% natural, good quality ingredients to give dogs the nutrition and energy they needed. 

Might Mix’s hardworking Franchisees have delivered Mighty Mix products to New Zealand farms and urban customers since the beginning. We are proud of our down-to-earth, grassroots history and that we are still 100% New Zealand owned and operated. 

The Drummond family have seen first-hand how Mighty Mix products have enhanced the health and lives of their dogs and those of their clients. For many years, Mighty Mix has simply grown by word of mouth, and to this day, we believe in creating a natural, good quality product, where owners can see the difference in their dogs.  


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