At Mighty Mix, we love hearing from happy customers and healthy dogs who’ve made the switch to Mighty Mix Dog Food and experienced the benefits first-hand. Natural, healthy nutrition for your dog in New Zealand doesn’t need to cost the earth. We welcome your feedback, so please talk to your local franchisee, write us an email, or message us on Facebook. We also love seeing your photos of healthy, happy dogs loving life on Mighty Mix Dog Food, so please send those through to our Facebook page. You might just see your dog go by on our Facebook and Instagram

Since 1992, the Drummond family has set out to help dogs live a happy and healthier life, full of bounce and energy, thanks to a natural diet full of quality ingredients. We are incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to improve the lives of so many working dogs and pets through Mighty Mix and thank all those who’ve sent us through a success story.

French Bulldog Moose loves eating Mighty Mix Nourish Biscuits
French Bulldog Moose loves eating Mighty Mix Nourish Biscuits

French Bulldog Moose loves eating Mighty Mix Nourish Biscuits

'Moose's owner highly recommends Mighty Mix Dog Food as her French Bulldog had a bad run with a constant upset stomach and weight gain. Within 2 days from starting on Mighty Mix Nourish biscuits, his stomach settled down and now 3 months later he wouldn't eat anything else!  The ordering process and delivery is always super easy.'

Shelby from Waikato

A fussy German Shepherd puppy is now eating well on Mighty Mix

‘What a change in my German shepherd pup Piper who is 13 weeks old. She has never been a good eater until I feed her Mighty Mix Nourish Biscuits and Frozen Concentrate and now she finishes her food every day. This product is amazing and those who have dogs with sensitive tummies need to try it. She is transformed into a strong and independent lady and just loves the Mighty Mix Dog Food.’- Claire from Whangarei

A fussy German Shepherd puppy is now eating well on Mighty Mix
A fussy German Shepherd puppy is now eating well on Mighty Mix

Luther, a Swiss Shepherd who thrives on Mighty Mix

'Luther was the runt of the litter.  He was a born with a fracture in his hip after being stuck in the birth canal.  The breeder did not see much hope, but we took him in.  He had to have hydro therapy once a week and really struggled to play with his brother and sister.  He was also a bit underweight regardless of what we did.  Since moving to Mighty Mix Nourish biscuits he has changed so much!  Nothing else changed in his diet/routine other than the food.  He even jumped upon on my partner which left us in awe.   We even considered moving our bedroom downstairs as he was never confident with the stairs at all. Three months later he is running up and down the stairs with his brother and sister and his weight is at a healthy 36kg.  He has done a complete 180.  I am convinced it is the food.  I am recommending Mighty Mix to anyone who asks.' 

Andri from Wellington

Thor, a duck hunting Labrador who benefited from Mighty Mix with some extra energy and joint care

‘I'd like to thank you for the quality and performance of your Nourish Biscuit.  I have been feeding it to my very active hunting dog, black Lab, Thor.  He has been eating Mighty Mix for two years now and the results are fantastic.  I hunt with him very extensively over the duck hunting season where his retrieves aren't of the easy pond type retrieves.  He requires that extra energy and joint mobility over the season and your product I believe has been a massive factor in his performance.’
- Tim from the Manawatu

Luie, a high energy Bordie Collie has gone from a fussy eater to loving dinner time

‘Just bagged a 25kg bag of Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate into enough foods bags to last our Border Collie Luie for 156 days. $96.00 for the bag delivered to my door for free by the local agent. Luie has been eating Mighty Mix for about the past four months and has gone from a fussy eater that was hard to keep condition on (given his high activity nature) to a well-nourished pooch that loves his dinner time and has held great condition throughout. Our 20kg dog is fed on premium food for 60c a day. If you have a dog, you should be feeding Mighty Mix.’
- Heath from Upper Hutt

Huey loves Mighty Mix Dog Food
Huey loves Mighty Mix Dog Food

A retired Greyhound and Husky now with healthier digestive systems, skin, fur and stable weight

‘After trying multiple high-priced overseas dog food brands, we gave Mighty Mix a go. Our retired racing Greyhound was suffering from diarrhoea, a skin condition and was not being able to maintain his weight.

We started feeding a mix of the Frozen Concentrate and Nourish Biscuits. Within 24 hours the diarrhoea had stopped (which was a blessing as we had to take him outside twice every night!). Within less than two weeks he gained a healthy amount of weight (and has kept it since) and his skin and fur started changing too. But the best comment we could get was from our vets who said they have never seen such great teeth in a Greyhound. 

So, when we recently adopted a rescue Husky, we were facing the same issue… she came with a bag of specially formulated food for Huskies. But this caused her a very upset tummy to say the least. After three days we switched over to Mighty Mix and again within less than a day she had no more runs! A month later she looks absolutely amazing.

We couldn't be happier as we know our dogs are healthy and are actually able to digest the food we give them.’

- Antonia from Christchurch

Heading Dog full of energy on Mighty Mix Dog Food
Heading Dog full of energy on Mighty Mix Dog Food
Swag howling about his love of Mighty Mix
Swag howling about his love of Mighty Mix

Two mixed-breed bulldogs are finally getting to a healthy eating place

‘I have two mixed bull breed dogs at home, both of undetermined linage and one who is a rescue who was obviously not fed well as a puppy. Our small female has a tendency to get quite 'portly' very easily while no matter what we fed our bigger male he just would not put weight on at all. Four weeks into feeding Mighty Mix Dog Roll and both dogs are looking amazing, the girl is the size she should be, and the boy has gained a huge amount of weight, so much so we are now dropping him back to a maintenance feed. This is something we thought would never happen with him.

Being able to have the rolls delivered weekly and the friendly and helpful advice we have received from the local distributor has been completely amazing as well. I can't speak highly enough of the rolls or of the ease of getting them, the local distributor is amazingly helpful and nothing is ever an issue.’
- Nick from Christchurch

A Staffie cross now looking healthy 

Last year we adopted a 4-year-old Staffie cross. After only a day or two, we realised she suffered from incontinence. We quickly grew tired of cleaning up after her and began to look at options to fix the problem that didn't include surgery. We tried a few ideas, including feeding her a gluten-free diet, natural remedies, regular pee times, and nappies. Through these measures we were better able to manage her incontinence but not fix the underlying problem. Unrelated to this issue, a dog-loving friend recommended Mighty Mix as we were looking to feed our Staffie a better-quality natural diet. Within six weeks of starting her on Mighty Mix we noticed she leaked less around the house, and three months later her incontinence seems to have disappeared. Very rarely does she leak know, and in fact has turned into a camel! She looks fantastic, a glossy fur coat, clear eyed and lots of energy. She's in great shape. We love Mighty Mix.

 - Pip D from the Blue Mountains

Pointer Dog loves Mighty Mix Dog Food
Pointer Dog loves Mighty Mix Dog Food

Stevie’s arthritis seems to have cleared up with the Might Mix Raw Mix

Our girl Stevie was diagnosed with arthritis recently, at five years old, we were all upset. We hike every weekend and walk both dogs over an hour every day of the week and then Stevie couldn’t do any of this. One day on the beach we met a woman who told us about Mighty Mix, I went straight home and within an hour our local Franchisee called, and we had Mighty Mix within a week. We have been using the raw mix for three weeks - Stevie now has her leg down and is once again running and playing and chasing every cheeky rabbit that dares to put its head up! Our vet had recommended a very expensive dry food - we are so happy that we now know about Mighty Mix and we tell every dog owner that we meet! Cheers Mighty Mix!

- Cherry in Pukerua Bay

Kaytee loves the inexpensive Mighty Mix Raw Feed – full of only good stuff!


I am so pleased with your concentrate raw feed; it really is great value for money and our dog Kaytee loves it! We were previously feeding raw dog food from the pet store and found it incredibly expensive for what it was. A friend recommended your dog food and we are really thrilled with the quality and find that the free flow consistency makes it super easy to handle.

Thank you

- Tina (and Kaytee of course)

Huey in the snow stays energetic with Mighty Mix Dog Food
Huey in the snow stays energetic with Mighty Mix Dog Food
Gem at the river eats Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate
Gem at the river eats Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate

Switching to Mighty Mix helped Lola, a Staffie cross with dermatitis

‘Just to give you some background, my dog Lola (a Staffie cross, currently ten years old) was diagnosed from a very early age with an autoimmune disease and secondary bacterial dermatitis. This disease wreaked havoc on her skin and she developed inter-digital cysts that interfered with her walking, caused her extreme pain and made her lethargic and rundown. The disease saw her spend a large portion of her life either at vet clinics, at specialists, having expensive invasive tests or so rundown that it affected her quality of life.

Eventually a treatment plan of injections (Convenia – a powerful antibiotic) was able to keep the disease at bay. The cost of these injections was $200 per treatment (12 treatments were required each year at a total yearly cost of $2,400).

A friend from work suggested I try Mighty Mix Dog Food. He wasn’t aware of my dog’s skin condition but suggested it was such a good quality food along with being so cost-effective that I should give it a go.

I started Lola on Mighty Mix in October 2014. By the start of December 2014, her skin condition was completely 100% in remission. She has not attended a single vet appointment or required a drop of medication for her skin since commencing twice daily feeding of Mighty Mix.

During February 2015, I ran out of Mighty Mix for a period of one week. I brought supermarket brand dog food and feed this to Lola for a seven-day period until my next order was due to be delivered. To my surprise, on the fourth day of feeding her a diet other than Mighty Mix, her skin started to flare back up again. I cannot stress and emphasise enough the amazing results that have been achieved by placing my dog on a Mighty Mix diet.

I am happy to provide a verbal testimonial to anyone who wants to start trying Mighty Mix for their dog. The amount of money Mighty Mix has saved me in vet bills plus, more importantly, the fact my dog is now well, happy, and not reliant on medication, is truly unbelievable.

I will continue to use this product for as long as it is available and highly recommend it to absolutely everyone.

This stuff is liquid gold for dogs!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

- Donna Dalton

Shiny coats and Sparkly eyes

I have been using Mighty MIx Biscuits with my dogs for many years and I swear by them! They are really nutritious and my dogs love the flavour of them! The biscuits provide "my boys" with great long lasting energy. I often get comments about their shiny coats and healthy sparkling eyes, and I know it's because of the Mighty Mix Biscuits. I also get the dog roll as this is good to add to meals just mix it up a bit for them. Lately I have also been using the Tonic product, I just sprinkle a bit on their food once a day. It really seems to have helped my older boy (9.y.o) to move freely but I give it to my younger dog too. To top it off, Kris delivers the food to my doorstep, which is SO handy as I work fulltime. I really recommend this product -  it's great! AND....it's 100% KIWI made and it's really reasonably priced too 👍


Deb Hales

No surgery required

My 4-year old springer spaniel Kaz,

She was on the Hills dog food for around three years until we swapped to your Mighty Mix family biscuits

For the last few years, Kaz has suffered from her anal glands, the smell was so bad we had discussed with the vet having surgery,

 This would have been our last resort as can have on going problems for the dog with incontinence.

We have noticed that Kaz no longer has a problem with her anal glands since we have been feeding her the Mighty Mix dog food.

 She has been on this for over six months now .

 We are all delighted that Kaz did not have to have surgery and no longer smells. 


Bob Kean

Your service is so good and convenient that it is worth it for us.


Not only is mighty mix affordable, but our dogs do so well on it (our old lab Teak is in good condition because of it and our beardie girl who previously wouldn't even eat her dinner most nights, is now in great condition - even her previously shaggy coat is now much more glossy!)

Just wanted to do a shout out and say what wonderful products you have. 


I have a 15 month old Border Collie x Blue Heeler called Bandit and a 22 month old Purebred Border Collie called Flare. 

I was having trouble finding a dog food that was working for both my dogs as I didn’t want to be buying 2 different types of dog food. Bandit has a sensitive stomach and Flare is a fussy eater. I had tried a lot of different brands but with no luck, either Bandit’s stomach was getting upset or Flare wouldn’t eat the food!! 

Anyway long story short, I finally came across your products and decided to give them a go. I purchased both the 20kg Frozen concentrate and the 20kg Large dog biscuits. 

Both dogs have been on your food for 2 months now and what a change I’ve seen in both of them. Bandit has lost his stomach issues and Flare will finish all her food every time. I’m absolutely thrilled. 

The quantity of food they need with your products is half the amount of what they were getting fed before with other brands which is making it far cheaper to feed them in the long run. 

Plus, their coats are shining and health and they have more energy to burn than ever!! I’m going to order again this month and you certainly have a repeat customer here😊


Thank you very much,

Rochelle, Bandit and Flare   

Flare and Bandit - Happy New Customers
Flare and Bandit - Happy New Customers
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