North Canterbury/Hurunui

North Canterbury/Hurunui

Stephanie (Stef) has three dogs; a Fox terrier cross called Gracie, a Heading Dog called Bolt and a Huntaway called Millie. Stef was feeding her dogs Mighty Mix before she became a franchisee in 2017. 

Stef loves visiting the farms and seeing the beautiful Canterbury landscape as she visits customers. Gracie (her Fox terrier), is co-pilot on every run. Stef is proud to be providing a service and exceeding clients’ expectations. She regularly has customers telling her about the improved condition and wellness of their dogs on Mighty Mix Dog Food.

Product Pricing

Product Size Price
Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate 5kg $47.00
10kg $60.00
25kg $105.25
Mighty Mix Large Dog Biscuits 5kg $44.00
10kg $60.00
20kg $103.00
Mighty Mix Family Dog Biscuits 5kg $44.00
10kg $60.00
20kg $103.00
Mighty Mix Nourish Dog Biscuits 5kg $47.00
10kg $63.00
20kg $105.25
Mighty Mix Dog Roll (per roll 3kg) $12.50
(one pack) 6x3kg $75.00
Mighty Mix Mussel Tonic 100g $27.00
Mighty Mix Turmeric Dog Treat Nibbles 200g $11.80
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